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Love it Magazine Issue 519 suggested answers

Please put your suggested answers For Love It Magazine Issue 519 in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you 🙂

Love It Magazine 620


  1. Cat is at the bottom on the big striped fish its so tiny

  2. issue 619
    Name the classic sitcoms:
    1: The I.T. Crowd???
    2: Rising damp
    3: ?????
    4: Allo Allo
    5: Porridge
    6: father Ted
    7: Till Death Us Do Part
    8: Are You Being Served

    Can any one confirm no: 1 or have any ideas on no: 3?
    many thanks

  3. 1’s definitely The IT Crowd:

    3’s Bubble from Absolutely Fabulous:

    Big Quiz of the Week

    01. It was women only
    02. William
    03. Jesy Nelson
    04. Hayes
    05. Logan Paul
    06. Game of Thrones
    07. McMafia
    08. Girlfriends
    09. Derek Griffiths
    10. $1.6 billion

  4. Thanks Midnighter.
    Big quiz of the week, I have the same as you with a couple of slight differences.
    3: Jessy Nelson, 2 x s
    4: Hayes Alba Warren

  5. It’s Jesy with one ‘s’. Link to her instagram page:

  6. No.3 is Absolutely fabulous…

  7. i have the hit crowd and for number 3AB FAB

  8. Love it Issue 619

    Spot the difference:-
    Aircraft missing in the sky
    Eye missing from blue lego man
    Piece of gold to left of flame thrower
    Batmans’ left foot
    Top teeth missing from lego man in orange,
    also logo on his belt and blue item in his pocket
    Pink streak missing from lego girls’ hair and zip on her jacket
    Decoration on bottom of lego man to her left

    Find my cat
    Bottom of stripe on bigger striped fish bottom left

  9. Issue 619
    Closing date Jan 25th

    Puzzle 1 Guess the Year – 1996
    Puzzle 2 Missing Word Search – Umbrella
    Puzzle 3 Number Fit – 2492
    Puzzle 6 Giant TV Xword – Blue Peter
    Puzzle 7 Coffee Break X-word – Gorilla
    Puzzle 8 Code Breaker – Breakfast
    Puzzle 9 Crossword Jigsaw – Dancer
    Puzzle 10 Movie Mix Up – Richard Pryor and Forest Whitaker

    Again these are courtesy of Midnighter over on MSE

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