Chat Issue 7

Chat Magazine issue 7

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  1. Hi everyone, yes I agree with Rob, the marker pen is longer in the bottom picture of A4, so that’s the answer and follows sequence of: 1C, 2B, 3C, 4A, and then 4D, hope this helps, good luck to you all, take care of yourselves and stay safe, from Catherine, 👍🌈.

  2. Thank you Susan much appreciated & keep safe

  3. Chat issue 7 puzzle answer is Australia not Alex Foley this is the answer to question one

    • The answer is Axel Foley Q1 which isn’t in the puzzle. I think the one you think is Australia is Q4 which asks for a Continent….the answer to that is Antarctica (10 letters) not 9 as Australia is and is in the puzzle.

    • Answer is Axel Foley. The number 4 question is Antarctica NOT Australian.

  4. Can’t get chat issue 7 in my area. Can someone tell me who is the reader featured in Over to You crossword? One day it’ll be me!!

  5. Thanks Susan no 1 is def 4A. Good luck.

  6. Just got my chat haven’t started it wrote down answers to see if mine corrospond with yours!

  7. Thanks Susan.
    I agree with all your answers.

  8. To all who put up answers – just so I can check mine – Thanks.

  9. Thank you Susan I’m not sure about 4A either

  10. Hi Susan the answer to puzzle 1 box 4a is correct. The item in the top of the box is longer in one of the grids

  11. Chat Puzzles Number 7 Closing Date for Entries is 2nd March (Three days later for postal entries)

    Puzzle 1. 1C,2B,3C,4A(?),4D…..Please Check 4A
    Puzzle 2. 47650
    Puzzle 3. Strand
    Puzzle 4. Rabat
    Puzzle 5. Travel In Southeast Asia
    Puzzle 6. Sore
    Puzzle 7. Pinta
    Puzzle 8. Chris Packham
    Puzzle 9. Yellowstone
    Puzzle 10. Calendar
    Puzzle 11. 256
    Puzzle 12. Opera
    Puzzle 13. Rama
    Puzzle 14. Alberta
    Puzzle 15. Fajita
    Puzzle 16. Jean Brodie
    Puzzle 17. Karate
    Puzzle 18. Axel Foley

    Please Check, Stay Safe and Warm

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