Chat Issue 53

Chat Magazine issue 53

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  1. Ans.wers to puzzle 1 are 1C, 3A, 3B, 3C, & 3D, from Catherine, good luck.

  2. P.S. Happy New Year to everyone too from Catherine

  3. Hello everyone, my answers for puzzle 1, chat issue 53, are as follows:,
    1C, the hole or tear next to the pink balloon,
    3A, the bottles, (green in top, red in bottom),
    3B, the man’s jacket button(s),
    3C, the scented candle on the left of the bottom picture,
    3D, the line in the sofa in the middle of it just below his hand,

    Good luck to you all and take care and keep safe from Catherine,

  4. Thank you Susan😇

  5. Thanks for the answers , struggled on a few In this issue. Happy New Year.

  6. Thank you Susan much appreciated & keep safe
    Last time I put your name down as Sue I apologise

  7. issue 53.
    puzzle 1 took me ages but box 2D middle finger has a ring on it.
    rest are 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D
    One of the hardest so far.

  8. Let’s hope 2021 is a healthy happy lucky new year for us all , wishing you all the very best of luck in next years competitions , stay safe and healthy everyone xxxx

  9. I put 3b in spot the difference because it looks like mand jacket has 2 buttons in 1 picture and 1 in other
    So I have 3a 3b 3c 3d and 4a

  10. Was going to order Chat, comps OK, but what dreadful depressing stories with this issue. Feel a letter to the Editor, but suppose it sells the mag. Think I would like a good comp, mag without my toy boy beat me up and baby snatcher, wish libraries would open. My weekly is good but only one comp, must be old and miserable, happly Xmas.

  11. Thank you to everyone who has helped me over a very trying year. Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy Healthy New Year.

  12. online entries for Chat 53 up and running.

  13. Is anyone having a problem entereing on line. On mine it only allows entry on Chat 52.

  14. c/d 12-01-21,puzzle 1,i think the difference in 2b is the man,s eye,i can,t find anything else,hope his helps,good luck(even if you are a spurs fan)!

  15. I cannot seem to see what is different in Puzzle 1 section 2B
    (Probably puzzle blindness) I’ve found all the other differences !!
    Thanks to everyone for taking part and for Deany for supplying the website
    your help is invaluable.
    Merry Christmas and a Healthy 2021

  16. Thanks Susan, Merry Christmas 🎄

  17. I have had my Chat delivered today as I subscribe to the magazine.
    and have done the puzzles.

    Chat Puzzles 53 Closing Date 12th January 2021

    Puzzle 1. 2B,3A,3B,3C,3D
    Puzzle 2. 799380
    Puzzle 3. ICEMAN
    Puzzle 4. ROSE
    Puzzle 6. PART
    Puzzle 7. IDES
    Puzzle 8. BOB MORTIMER
    Puzzle 9. RHODE ISLAND
    Puzzle 10. ANDROS
    Puzzle 11. 163
    Puzzle 12. FISHING
    Puzzle 13. ARYA
    Puzzle 14. NICKEL
    Puzzle 15. HEART
    Puzzle 16. GEORGE W BUSH
    Puzzle 17. ANTMAN
    Puzzle 18. SNOWDON

    Merry Christmas Everyone, Thank you to everyone who posts on this site, Here’s hoping 2021 will be better than 2020.

    • CHAT 53, C/D 12/01/21
      1… 2B, 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D
      2… 799380
      3… ICEMAN
      4… ROSE
      6… PART
      7… IDES
      10… ANDROS
      11… 163
      12… FISHING
      13… ARYA
      14… NICKEL
      15… HEART
      16… GEORGE W BUSH
      17… ANTMAN
      18… SNOWDON

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