Chat Issue 48/49

Chat Magazine issue 48/49 Suggested Answers

Please put your suggested answers For Chat Magazine in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you



  1. Thank you David much appreciated & keep safe

  2. Thanks for the answers guys.

    • Reading the upsets . Well I get my weekly mags for the comps . In 30 years I’ve won take a break / that’s life . Chat I still purchase in the hope to win one day

  3. Thank you David very quick, your brain is sharp TKS.

  4. Catherine I disagree that you say you get a better chance to win if you post it/ I bought Chat and Take a Break for more than 10 years and send in comps, never won a thing. Until I got internet. , and still haven’t won a thing. Thanks David and also Meg you are always very good.

    • Definitely not…I don’t believe they even open envelopes during this pandemic…..seems wall of winners features same people over and over again better ask them!!

  5. Thanks David yor answers are always spoton.

  6. Hi everyone, my complaint is this:- I get annoyed that they (the ones that make up the magazine for publication), are always putting the competition form on the back of a brilliant story that they ask you if you don’t want to spoil the surprise of the story then save the read until later, how can you do that?, you’re not able to because you have had to cut the form off to send off because not everyone has access to the internet, besides I find it’s so much easier by post as you know that it will get to its destination and you get a better chance of winning, thank you from Catherine, x 👍🤩🌈🌹.

  7. Yes its not the extra price that annoys me its the fact that there are the same amount of puzzles and thats all I buy it for. Not interested in the articles.

  8. Definitely Jura, I’m a bit late this week! I didn’t even check the price, just chucked it in my trolley with the rest of my shopping.

  9. If none of you like the price of the ‘bumper’ issue then don’t buy it…. Simple. Get over it or get on with it….

  10. How can there 18 answers there is only 14 questions???

  11. Total rip off and it’s not even Dec yet

  12. Previous years chat did bumper issues with more competitions. This issue is a big rip off.

  13. Does anybody else think this bumper issue nonsense is a rip off?

    • It is definitely a rip off… £1.05 extra for pages of Adverts Nothing extra whatsover…Fully agree

    • I agree, not much extra at all

    • Yes I agree, rip off.
      Plus it gets confusing which issues you’ve already bought & its only November !

    • Yes I agree with you I bought hoping to have more puzzles etc: utter rip off

    • Yes Spurs it is a rip off, I know the extra money is not a lot, but to a lot of people £1.05 extra is a lot of m oney, when you are on low pensions, every penny counts, okay if you get extra comps added but no it is all adverts and most people are not interested, I only buy for the comps, and so do lots of older people, it something for them to do. and Rob Mr. Grumpy. what an attitude, he probably can afford extras, otherwise he would not have remarked like he did, I am with everyone who has commented, and the xmas issues are out to early, some of us need something to do over xmas. not all of us have families.. these xwords keep us going. Happy Xmas everyone Keep puzzling.

  14. Me bad my fingers go faster than my brain lol

    Yes it is, number 13, JURA

    7 is dog

    Sorry folks

  15. Hi David
    Thanks for all your answers and so quick, very much appreciated.

    Possible typos puzzle 7 only asking for three letters – Dog
    Also puzzle 13 – Jura

    I agree with all the rest

    Good luck

  16. Thanks so much david, I think 13 is Jura 3 down is RUE

  17. Thanks David, I agree, except I think
    Pz 13. JURA


  18. Chat puzzles 48/49

    Closing date –Tuesday 15th December 2020

    The following answers are for each puzzle number – Puzzle 1 is answer 1) and so on 😊

    1) 1758
    2) Dowry
    3) Plug
    4) 1B, 2C, 3A, 4A, 4B
    5) Speak German
    6) Aran
    7) Dog
    8) Tigris
    9) Simon Cowell
    10) Valletta
    11) 146
    12) Giraffe
    13) JURA
    14) Tybalt
    15) Krill
    16) Disc World
    17) Secret
    18) Thunderbirds

    Good luck everyone


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