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Chat Magazine issue 48/49

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  1. Regards there any magazines out tomorrow with them being double ones last week?

  2. Are there any magazines tomorrow with them being double last week?

  3. I match all my answers to megs other than for No11 and I get 884 but not sure if it is right

  4. My 48/49 came on Saturday
    Sometimes I have had none one week and then two in close succession
    i guess royal mail have problems with staffing issues and distribution as well
    Thanks to those who help to clarify answers
    Before cancelling subscription may be worth checking that your address details are as up to date as possible also along with card details

    • Hi Anne
      I’m still waiting for lssue 48/49 after taking out a new subscription . Hopefully it will arrive Monday, but u never know !!!!

    • Hi Everyone
      No Chat today, probably because of the weather. Keeping my fingers crossed for it to arrive tomorrow.

  5. Still waiting for my subscription delivery – it is awful and will be cancelling

    • Hi
      No Chat magazine today, Issue 48/49 Weds. l have emailed them yesterday asking for an extension on my subscription, as it won’t let
      Me do it online. If it continues l will cancel my subscription and ask
      For a refund.

  6. Good Morning all,I know many of you are having problems with getting your magazines,I’v had to shop around for ages so I do sympathise with you.If it,s of any interest to anyone the Christmas bumper issues are out,Chat 48/49 is £2.10, Take A Break 48/49 is £2.20,Thats Life 48/49 is £1.80,Love It 821/822 is £1.50,and Real People 47/48,out last week,is £1.75.The price increase may not worry some but if you’re watching the pennies it might so I thought it worth mentioning,take care,Bobs.

  7. Good Morning H,i got issue 48/49 on Thursday,price was £2.10,there,s eighteen puzzles ,nothing special,the usual depressing stories,hope this cheers you up,Bobs.

  8. The Chat subscription is ABSOLUTE rubbish. I have cancelled and
    received a full refund. No more waiting for issues which never came.

  9. Does anyone know if it’s double the price no doubt it will be with the same amount of puzzles as the single issue. Another con….

  10. I am still waiting for issue 47, so I have no chance of getting mine tomorrow. I have cancelled my subscription but unfortunately am paid up until February 2022.
    Thank you so much Meg for doing this.

    • I would be asking for a full refund Susan. It’s not good enough. No doubt theyll blame it on covid conveniently like everything else.

  11. Closing date: 21st Dec, 3 days later for postal entries.

    Pz 1. 3421
    Pz 2. Hertz
    Pz 3. Read
    Pz 4. Have Different Coloured eyes
    Pz 5. 1D 2A 2B 3D 4A
    Pz 6. Leap
    Pz 7. Kurt
    Pz 8. Gourmet
    Pz 9. Hummingbird
    Pz 10. Margaret
    Pz 11. 814
    Pz 12. Bergman
    Pz 13. Bute
    Pz 14. Guyana
    Pz 15. Poker
    Pz 16. Moscow Mule
    Pz 17. Poirot
    Pz 18. Slovenia

    Good luck.

  12. i couldn’t get mine either, maybe tomorrow

  13. What is going on no chat mags again this week in my supermarket

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