Chat Issue 47

Chat Magazine issue 47

Suggested Answers

Please put your suggested answers For Chat Magazine in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you

When listing your suggestions, please can you include the closing date too. Thank you



  1. Thank you Meg much appreciated & keep safe

  2. No7 I make the answer as effort.

  3. Closing date 7th December. 3 days later for postal entries.

    Pz 1. 1129
    Pz 2. Ghost
    Pz 3. Gale
    Pz 4. A Tailor Made Suit
    Pz 5. 1A 2C 3A 3C 4A
    Pz 6. Airs
    Pz 7. Random
    Pz 8. Bradley Walsh
    Pz 9. Archaeology
    Pz 10. Cranberry
    Pz 11. 457
    Pz 12. Gregory
    Pz 13. Ions
    Pz 14. Gannet
    Pz 15. Impala
    Pz 16. Mo Mowlam
    Pz 17. Uganda
    Pz 18. Gateshead

    Good luck.

  4. Issue 44 arrived yesterday🤔 I have given up and I cancelled my subscription three weeks ago

    • I think that it is time they give you a years FREE subscription..

      What are the chances of that. ???

      • Not free subscription Cretona but got Black Friday deal of £7.45 a quarter.

        • Hi Margaret
          I saw the Black Friday deal but unfortunately l
          renewed last week. Needless to say l was
          Annoyed with myself. Only consolation is l
          Am supposed to get the Free Advent calendar
          If it happens. I really hope they don’t mess
          My subscription up this time. Is it £7.45 every
          quarter for a year?

          • I have still not received my copy of Chat magazine since 12 October.

            If you go on the “mymagazine” member site, the earliest that one can request a new copy or extended week is FOUR weeks after the magazine was originally released.

            * One two occasions they wouldn’t extend a week as I had bought a copy from the supermarket, on the last day it was available.
            * When they would extend they gave me a new end date five months BEFORE it was previously due to end.
            * On another extension request date, they gave me a new extension date thirteen months ahead.

            I would also add that I have had all this hassle despite only subscribing since August!! Sadly I am housebound, and so my options are limited, but I am LIVID!!

            • Hi Lynn
              You seem to be getting messed around by Chat magazine. l really
              hope they sort something out for you in the not too distant future. l have just renewed and hope l dont get messed around this time. l actually won a comp with them for £1000.00 and did receive my
              cheque thank goodness. lt was late arriving but so happy l had won.
              Hope your situation sorts itself out. Good Luck.

          • Hi Sheila
            I presume the £7.45 a quarter is for a year I’m waiting for customer services to confirm this. If not you can guess what I’ll be doing 🤔😄

            • Hi Margaret
              Ha ha If it is for a year then you have got a good deal. However it all
              depends if they deliver the goods though. Good Luck with it, let me know how get on please.

          • Hi Sheila
            The half price black Friday deal is for one quarter only.

            • Hi Margaret
              That’s a shame. Are u going to cancel your subscription ? Chat are not being very generous are they ? Don’t really give much away. My Chat was due to arrive today, but guess what it didn’t.

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