Chat Issue 37 2021

Chat Magazine issue 37 Suggested Answers

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  1. Just go to shops and buy chat always plenty!

  2. Huge Thanks to all compers much appreciated. Good luck to everyone.🙌

  3. Thank you Meg & Lorraine much appreciated & keep safe

  4. i contacted the subscriptions department and spoke to a lovely gentleman and explained that last weeks chat did not arrive nor this weeks advised me would extend my subscription by one week and this weeks chat would be put in the post however i received last weeks chat today being 17th september

  5. Hurrah got issue 37 this morning,,,8 days late

  6. FINALLY received my issue 37 Chat today (last week’s). But now there’s no sign of this week’s mag. Unbelievable.

  7. Ok, it’s Thursday….last week’s Chat has still not arrived (apparently it was dispatched and has been lost in the post, they’ve sent more out which also haven’t arrived). And now to top things off THIS week’s Chat hasn’t arrived. This is bordering on farcical now.

  8. It’s now Wednesday and chat issue 37 from last week has still not been delivered. Called magazines direct on Monday and they automatically extended my membership and blamed the postal service. my mag has not been delivered on a Tuesday for weeks now.

    • Its now Wednesday, and chat lssue 37 was delivered this morning. Thats over a week late, plus 38 is due out tomorrow. Bet l dont receive it tomorrow though!!!!! We all seem to be in the same situation.
      We can only hope.

  9. I picked up my Chat from the shop on Tuesday

  10. My advice, if you are on facebook send them a message on there, they seem to respond to questions much quicker than by email


  12. Something must be wrong, this week’s take a break and that’s life just arrived. But still no last weeks chat. Have they gone bust?

  13. Not received my issue for 37 yet and 38 should have been delivered today /maybe tomorrow will have to see have paid in full so must be over problems .thank you being there all of you .Good luck

  14. Glad (well not glad, but you know what I mean :p) to see I’m not the only one struggling to get my hands on this issue, asked my husband to grab me a copy at Tesco yesterday and they still have issue 36 on the shelf. Second issue in the last month that’s just not bothered showing up for me.

  15. Its now tuesday still no Chat of last week,I WANT MY MONEY BACK

  16. Well today’s post has been and gone and still no sign of last week’s issue. Tbh I’d ordinarily be wondering where this week’s issue is by now!

  17. I’m wondering if it’s to do with delivery problems. Seems to be affecting everything.

    • It’s now Tuesday and no lssue 37 and the post has not been yet. Only thing is lssue 38 is due soon. I think it’s to do with post deliveries.l did complain and they said they would send a replacement but that was last Friday!!!!!

  18. It is now monday still not received last weeks chat magazine not happy

  19. In the online answer form there is an error – it looks like a partial crossover between the page number and puzzle number – for the first answer attributed to page 32 (puzzle 13) and that attributed (later in the list of answers) to page 30 (puzzle 15). The prizes quoted for the puzzles are correct in relation to their respective page numbers and that’s the basis on which I’ve filled in my form so that at least two out of the three properties of each answer specification are correct!

  20. No chat mag now Sunday it is getting worse not happy with the service

  21. I manage to get all my magazines if I shop around but when I get them is a different matter,they are nearly always late,that applies to the TV mags as well,I live in Croydon so I have plenty of choice but people in other areas may not be so fortunate and I can imagine how angry they must be,(note for future reference-NEVER come between a lady and her CHAT!) Thanks to Deanys you have some where to let off steam,heres hoping for an improvement Bobs .

  22. Saturday and not received my Chat 37 sent my husband over the shop to buy me one it’s disgusting will be complaining x

  23. Well, it’s Saturday, and my postman has delivered other folks letters but nothing again, no Chat. I did ring up and complain, and had my subscription extended. The next day after my phone call I had an e mail to rate the service. I said I was dissatisfied and explained that my Chat was getting later and later if at all. I had a reply to say that they have placed me on monitored deliveries …. to improve my delivery….what hi this space. The lady from magazines direct customer service was Olivia Dilllistone so perhaps everyone who has an issue with delivery should get in touch with her at Will let you know if it starts to arrive any earlier.

    • Hi Susan. Snap. I haven’t received my copy of Chat either this week. I was really hoping it was going to arrive today but we had other post but no magazine. What a waste of time. Idea of subscribing is that you are supposed to get your copy earlier than in the shops.
      I tried to ring Magazines Direct this morning but their hours are only Mon-Fri 9am till 5pm so I shall be ringing up on Monday morning. I shall ask to speak to Olivia but doubt I’ll get to talk to her.
      See what happens next week.

  24. Its now saturday and my chat magazine has not arrived its a waste of time subscribing to it

  25. My copy of Chat (No. 37) has yet to turn up and it is now Saturday. I have a subscription which I am seriously considering cancelling.

  26. No i haven’t received a copy tesco and coop.and post office in my village, hoping it in.tomorrow morning getting worse to get a copy.

  27. not in my usual shop on Thursday and tried other shops again today but nothing. Co Armagh, Northern Ireland

  28. It wasn’t in the shops here yesterday and I got the last one from W H Smith today. Has anyone complained to the magazine? Would be interested to hear what they say in their defense

  29. In Puzzle 5 I think there is an aerial missing on the roof in 1A
    There are things different in 1C,2B,3B,4B,4D
    Rather puzzling as this gives 6 differences

    • I think you must have a print problem in your copy. My 1A has the top and bottom images identical, with nothing that looks like an aerial in either of them.

  30. My chat hasn’t arrived either it’s getting later every week

  31. Miss Louise Robinson

    Has anyone else had issue on buying this issue from shops

  32. Closing date: 28th September (3 days later for postal entries)

    Pz 1. 37772
    Pz 2. Tagine
    Pz 3. Squid
    Pz 4. Chewing Pen Lids
    Pz 5. 1C 2B 3B 4B 4D
    Pz 6. Boot
    Pz 7. Slate
    Pz 8. Peter Crouch
    Pz 9. Bonnie Tyler
    Pz 10. Ontario
    Pz 11. 766
    Pz 12. Bump
    Pz 13. Hare
    Pz 14. Fulham
    Pz 15. Bavaria
    Pz 16. Ballet Dancer
    Pz 17. Bungle
    Pz 18. Neapolitan

    Good luck.

    • Puzzle 1 – 37772
      Puzzle 2 Tagine
      Puzzle 3 Squid
      Puzzle 4 Chewing pen lids
      Puzzle 5 1C, 2B, 3B, 4B, 4D
      Puzzle 6 Boot
      Puzzle 7 ???????
      Puzzle 8 Peter Crouch
      Puzzle 9 Bonnie Tyler
      Puzzle 10 Ontario
      Puzzle 11 – 766
      Puzzle 12 Bump
      Puzzle 13 Hare
      Puzzle 14 Fulham
      Puzzle 15 Bavaria
      Puzzle 16 ???????
      Puzzle 17 Bungle
      Puzzle 18 ??????

    • Page 30 Puzzle 13 4 down Meg and Lorraine have Sirt to get the answer as Hare
      I have put Silt (clue is mud) to get the answer as Hale
      Confused 😕
      Anybody else get Hale ?

  33. Sorry folks, my Chat still has not arrived and the post has already been. Anyone else having trouble?

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