Chat Issue 36

Chat Magazine issue 36

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  1. Thank all very much. 🙏

  2. Thank you Julieanne much appreciated & keep safe

  3. Sue don’t blame the Royal Mail,I know it has changed a bit from 3 deliveries a day,to now just 1.
    I used to work for Royal Mail when I was in London Paddington,Hanwell & Eastbourne for 31 years,any mail that comes in has to go out the next day,so if Chat Magazine is in it will go out,otherwise someone is in trouble

  4. Live in N IRELAND and we only get ours now on Monday after usual thursday

  5. Not answer for chat 36

  6. Hi Julieanne,you are correct with Tapir,in Japanese it,s a Baku.Thanks for your other answers,much appreciated,bestest,Bobs.

  7. Thanks Julieanne.
    I agree with all your answers, including Tapir.

  8. Thank you, I am still waiting for my Chat which I have on subscription.
    Last weeks copy did not arrive until Saturday. I have ben on Magazines Direct Website to look at the scheduling and it seems as though the date for sending out these are the same as when you can get it in the shops. I am eagerly awaiting the post today to see if my Chat arrives.
    It used to arrive on a Tuesday,but that seems to have gone awry.

    • Hi Susan
      I am in exactly the same boat. I have Chat on subscription and it used to come Monday or Tuesday but I am lucky if it comes Thursday now which is the same as it appears in the shop.

    • I am in the same boat as you – at the mercy of Royal Mail. It is now Friday 16.30pm and mine has still not arrived. If it does not come tomorrow I am seriously thinking of cancelling my next subscription as this is not the first (and I suspect it will not be the last) time that this happens. Still waiting.!!

    • Thank you for your email regarding Chat.

      Please accept our apologies for the delays you are experiencing with your subscription to Chat.

      We have been advised that some regions of the United Kingdom are currently experiencing longer than usual delivery timescales for items delivered by Royal Mail. This is due to exceptionally high volumes of service usage, combined with coronavirus-related measures implemented to keep Royal Mail staff and customers safe.

      We will continue to work with Royal Mail to get your issue out to you as quickly as possibly. To find out if the area you live in is currently affected by delivery disruption, you can check the Royal Mail Help Centre:

      If we can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  9. Chat Issue 36
    Closing date 21th September

    Page 8. Puzzle 1 : 2348
    Page 8. Puzzle 2 : Wigeon
    Page 8. Puzzle 3 : Coin
    Page 15. Puzzle 4 : Were raised by grandparents
    Page 18. Puzzle 5 : 1A 1C 3B 3D 4C
    Page 23. Puzzle 6 : Neat
    Page 23. Puzzle 7 : Rand
    Page 23. Puzzle 8 : Tapir??
    Page 23. Puzzle 9 : Shakespeare
    Page 29. Puzzle 10 : Pamela
    Page 29. Puzzle 11 : 337
    Page 29. Puzzle 12 : Danish
    Page 30. Puzzle 13 : PEAR
    Page 32. Puzzle 14 : Madeira
    Page 32 Puzzle 15 : Speed
    Page 36. Puzzle 16 : Ryan Gosling
    Page 36. Puzzle 17 : Verona
    Page 47. Puzzle 18 : Harry

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