Chat Issue 26 2022

Chat Magazine issue 26

Suggested Answers

Please put your suggested answers For Chat Magazine in the Comments box below,  Please do not put “questions or other comments”  below as it clogs up the answers, thank you



  1. I agree Sue,it took me ages to get my entry in this morning,i wish I were more savvy on computers to make life easier for myself,the old way was much better,good luck with your next attempt,Bobs.

  2. Does anybody else dislike the ‘New Format’ entry form as much as me? Why try to fix something that isn’t broken in the first place?

    • I agree. I dislike the fact that there’s not so many entries showing on the screen now either. We’ve just got to get used to it I guess…

  3. Can anyone help me on puzzle 3 lssue 26. I get roots video and don’t know the other answer. Any help much appreciated.

  4. Hi Everyone again
    The answer to number jig is 7865 just googled the question

  5. Hi Everyone
    Just doing number jig in Chat 26, and l think the answer can be either 4849 or 7865. Has anyone else noticed this.

  6. I get Puzzle. 1 to be 7865. 4849 goes in the bottom left corner

  7. puzzle 1 answer is 7865 as there were 3640 Olivia’s and 4225 Olivers in 2020.

    puzzle 5 missing answer is 2b which is a raised eyebrow

  8. And me. No way of deciding. Surely its an error.

  9. Meg, on the number jig Puzzle 1 i get the answer to 4849

  10. Meg,
    Thank you for the answers every week
    I think on puzzle 5 the missing square is 2A the girls eyebrow is slightly raised.

  11. Closing Date 12th July: 3 days later for postal entries.

    Pz 1. 4849/7865?
    Pz 2. Omen
    Pz 3. Veto
    Pz 4. Studied History at Cambridge
    Pz 5. 1B 1C 3C 4D ?
    Pz 6. Toes
    Pz 7. Rosa
    Pz 8. Ginseng
    Px 9. Vice Admiral
    Pz 10. Pallas
    Pz 11. 214
    Pz 12. Beyonce
    Pz 13. Mint
    Pz 14. Legolas
    Pz 15. Polo
    Pz 16. Anna Karenina
    Pz 17. Prompt
    Pz 18. Dirty Dancing

    Good luck.

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