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Chat Magazine issue 14

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  1. chat magazine issue 14 page 36 word jumble not very good on heavy metal band can anyone help with answers 2,3,5 would be grateful for any help.

    • Hi Lin, these are the heavy metal anagram answers.

      1. Ministry
      2. Sepultura
      3. Van halen
      4. Motley crue
      5. Megadeth
      6. Motorhead

      Hope these help you and good luck 🤞

      • Thank you Stevie

      • Stevie,
        How do you find heavy metal band names?
        I did numerous online searches and couldn’t find two of the answers.
        I worked one out then searched that name, but couldn’t find Sepultura anywhere!
        Or had you heard of them?

        • Sarah, i won’t lie as to how i found the answers to three of them i put in to google ‘anagram solver’ and typed in the anagram and then searched for them and it said they were a heavy metal band. I already knew van halen, motley crue and motorhead but the others i had not heard of .

    • Hi the answers you are looking for are

      2. SEPULTURA
      3. VAN HALEN
      5. MEGADETH

      Hope this helps x

  2. Thank you Ed😉.
    Best of luck to all. 🍀☘️🤞👍

  3. Glad to see so many got confused, like me, this week over puzzle 5.
    Agree with other answers same as Ed.

  4. Puzzle 6 answer could be tend or dent

  5. Would like to say a BIG Thank-You to Ed for his help everyweek.
    Hope a BIG win comes your way soon, you deserve it!

  6. Gwendoline Hunter

    My answers to page 18 1A 1B 2B 3B 3C not 3D

  7. Got ETDN – for puzzle six – it is not supposed to be written as it is and not jumbled to make a word – difficult to know which is correct – first time that this has happened for this crossword – bit of a mix up really and possibly not proof read before going out – tempted to put both on the entry form

  8. I got EDTN for puzzle 6

  9. Puzzle 6 may read left to right in the green squares, not as usual top to bottom.

  10. Puzzle 5 answers are 1A-1B-2B-3B-3C.

  11. Hi Ed, I get 358 not 718 for puzzle 11.

  12. Chat issue 14 closing date 16 April
    My suggested answers for this week

    1. 10518
    2. bilby
    3. siege
    4. they were colourblind
    5. 1a 1b 2b 3b 3c
    6. edtn ???
    7 crete
    8. pierre
    9. prickly pear
    10. somerset
    11. 358
    12. pearl
    13. fiji
    14. galangal
    15. trout
    16. a national treasure
    17. slayer
    18. gloucestershire

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