Scotch eggs


Homemade scotch eggs -

This is my recipe for 6 scotch eggs, they’re  really popular in my house and they never last long!


  • 6 hard boiled eggs
  • 9 sausages of your choice with the skins removed
  • plain flour
  • beaten egg
  • breadcrumbs
  • salt & pepper


I prefer to boil my eggs the night before and put them in the fridge. They are much firmer and easier to wrap the sausage meat around.

I prefer Richmond Irish sausages but you can use any really just not ones that are really meaty because it won’t cling to the egg. I don’t like the sausage meat that you can buy in a fat tube I would rather buy normal sausage and remove the skins.

Place a bowl with about 6 heaped tablespoons of flour, and another with the same amount of breadcrumbs, then another with a beaten egg.

Season your flour and breadcrumbs with salt and pepper

Roll the egg in the flour then get 1½ sausages and cover the egg evenly, this gets really messy but it would be worse if you didn’t flour the egg first!

Roll the egg back in the flour and shape in the palms of your hand

Then roll the egg in the beaten egg

And finally roll it in the breadcrumbs making sure it is completely covered.

For a really crispy egg you can repeat the beaten egg and breadcrumbs procedure once more so it has a double coating.

Repeat with all the other eggs

Deep fry on a med heat making sure you turn the eggs regularly so they cook evenly for about 8 mins.

Place on kitchen towel to remove excess fat

Eat while still warm mmmm delicious enjoy!

These can be done in the oven by shallow frying first just to lightly brown the breadcrumbs. Then place in a preheated oven on 180° For approximately 15 mins turning half way.

Homemade scotch eggs -

Prepare ingredients

Homemade scotch eggs -

Eggs/skinned sausage

Homemade scotch eggs -

Flour the egg

Homemade scotch eggs -

cover with sausage

Homemade scotch eggs -

roll in flour again

Homemade scotch eggs -

cover in egg

Homemade scotch eggs -

roll in breadcrumbs

Homemade scotch eggs -

Repeat for extra crispy

Homemade scotch eggs -

Ready to fry

Homemade scotch eggs -

Deep fry turning often

Homemade scotch eggs -

fry until golden brown

Homemade scotch eggs -


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