No Sew Pet Pillow

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No sew Pillow (with knotted tassels)

This is without doubt a really easy project that can be done within 30 mins (Depending of course on the size) and a great project to include a child.

To start with collect your fleece fabric that you want to use. This doesn’t have to be ‘new’ fleece, it works just as well with up-cycled fabric.

You will need a cushion/pillow pad of whatever size you choose and a pair of scissors. And that’s it!

Measure your pillow and cut two pieces of fleece approx 4cm larger than the pillow all round.

Lay your fleece out nice and flat and cut out all four corners approx 4-5cm (1.5-2″) from each side ( see photo.)

Keeping both pieces of fabric together snip cuts all around the four sides. I put my thumb between each snip to make it more equal but you really don’t have to be that exact about it.

Then if that wasn’t easy enough here comes the even easier part, take one strip from the top and the one in line with it from the bottom and tie together. Continue this way until 3 of the sides are tied and then insert your pillow pad and knot your final side together.

Make sure your pillow pad is washable because once knotted they are not the easiest things to undo to wash the cover separately. On one of mine I used loom bands to finish off one end so I could easily snip them off for washing the cover as the pad was filled with feathers and not washable.

These pillows are great for your pets, Minnie and Maisie love theirs which I keep on my desk in my craft room

You can make them any size to suit your pet and almost any shape.

No sew pillow -

Get 2 pieces of fleece

no sew pillow -

Snip all corners out

no sew pillow -

Pin together

no sew pillow -

Snip tassels all around

no sew pillow -

Pillow pad insert

no sew pillow -

Tie all tassels


No sew pillow (without knots!)



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