Dog / cat collar

homemade dog cat collar -


This is a tutorial of how to make your own collar for you pet. Its a simple project to do and will take you approximately 30 mins to complete once you have all of your bits and pieces in front of you.

You will need:

  • Length of webbing
  • snap side release buckle
  • D ring preferably welded for safety
  • Bar slide for extending the collar
  • Fabric


Gather your essentials together and your chosen fabric. Mine is an anchor design for this one. I’m always making thing for little girls so this time time is for a little man!

handmade dog cat collar - 

Measure your dogs neck plus two of your fingers to allow a comfortable fit. You can add at least half as much again if the collar is going to be adjustable.  If not just make sure it’s not too tight a fit.  Cut the fabric the width of your webbing plus half as wide again to allow hemming on both sides. My collar is 2 cm wide and my fabric is 3cm. Please make sure you use a quality side release buckle, after all you do not want this to snap open when walking your dog!

Fold over ½ cm and pin on to one side of your webbing. Machine stitch in place, then do the other side the same.


If you are making an adjustable collar then put the bar slide on one end fold over and machine stitch. I cannot emphasise enough but over sew lots of times to ensure this will never break open.

handmade dog cat collar - 

Now thread one half of the side release buckle and thread the other end of the collar through the bar slide that you’ve just sewn in place.

handmade dog cat collar - 

You will now have a part double collar. Then place the D ring and other end of the buckle through the webbing and fold over. Make sure it lines up with the other half, its easy to have upside down and important to check before you sew this end in place.

handmade dog cat collar -  handmade dog cat collar -

Finally, sew this with as much care as the first end and clip together, checking that everything feels ‘solid’ before putting it on your pooch.  🙂

handmade dog cat collar -  handmade dog cat collar -

handmade dog cat collar -  Hanmade dog cat collar -

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