Tree Of Life


tree of life

My work of art with scraps .  I love them.  Which is a good job really because  I have so many scraps.  But I loved creating my tree of life.  It just seemed to grow by itself.
I collected a lot of my small to smaller scraps and just snipped off the sharp edges of the fabric which sort of made leaf shapes.  When I had a good assortment of colours and shapes ready I set to work arranging them on an old canvas picture that I no longer wanted but had put away just in case I could do something with it…., and now this day had come.
I covered the canvas with a piece of Ivory cotton I didn’t staple it permanently yet because it would need ironing when finished.

I found a longish piece of fabric in my waste bag and didn’t have to do anything to shape it, it was already trunk like.  All I had to do was temporarily glue this in the centre of the cotton . Then I ironed it and then tacked around the whole area. I found some matching scrap fabric and again it was amazing but I didn’t have to fashion it at all to make the branches.  Once they were all in place I set about arranging the leaves. When I say arranging I mean more like spreading them out.

I then put a blob of fabric glue under each leaf and left it to dry over night.

Then came another job for when sitting on the sofa watching T.V.  I tacked around each leaf and branch which took several nights.  Then when I was satisfied with the look I ironed It and finally stapled it on the canvas.  I love the result, I hope you do too.

A lovely work of art has blossomed from a few scraps of fabric and an old canvas and now it hangs
on my bedroom wall where I admire it every day.


tree of life



  1. Brillant looks great

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