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Handmade open closed sign -


This is my OPEN ~ CLOSED door sign that I have made for our new shop due to be opening soon YAY!!!

I wanted it to be handmade……obviously and totally unique……..obviously.  I also wanted to use up some of my itsy bitsy tiny scrappy bits of fabric ……obviously 😀

It has cost virtually nothing to make, probably at the very most £2.

I purchased some cheap place mats from my local bargain shop costing £1 for 2. I only needed one but at least I have another for a project later on that I have yet to think about 😀

The mats were printed one side & plain white the other. I needed two pieces so decided on the size and cut it to shape.

When I held the mats together, printed side in, I could see through it. So I cut a piece of thin black cotton fabric the same shape and size and sandwiched it in then checked again……perfect.

Now, taking one side at a time, I got my large stencil kit out and plotted in pencil roughly where each letter would go.

Next, I collected a handful of scraps and a fabric remnant and placed some iron on webbing on top. Then I positioned my scraps on top and pressed them on with a hot iron.

handmade door sign -        handmade door sign -

Then put some contrast thread, something nice & bright, I chose red. Then zig zag over the pieces.

You don’t have to be exact with it, its already held in place with the glue but it will look good 🙂


Then using your templates, cut out the letters. I used pinking shears as I love the effect.

Once they were all cut out and positioned in place, I used the machine to sew a running stitch around each letter, it was easy to sew as the placemat I used was quite thin. The machine had no problem at all.

Then with both sides of the sign together I used a running stitch without any thread in just to pierce holes all the way around. This was so that I could sew both sides together by hand with some embroidery thread, it was only for my finishing touch 🙂

I think the end result looks great and am really looking forward to hanging it on the shop door 🙂

Handmade open closed sign -        Handmade open closed sign -

Handmade open closed sign -        Handmade open closed sign -

In case your wondering, I’m going to sew some buttons on the top corners with a braided loop to hang it up with 🙂

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