Knitted Pouffe

Knitted Pouffe

Every home needs a pouffe. They are so useful and have become very popular of late.

I went to purchase one but could not believe the price! Anything from £60 up!

So I set about knitting my own. I was a bit daunted as I didn’t know where to start so after a little bit of deep thinking and a large Gin and bitter lemon with ice and a slice, I worked it out 🙂

I needed mine to have a multitude of uses. It needed to be an extra seat in the lounge, a leg rest for my tired legs at night and a foot rest for under my desk during the day in my craft room.

What I didn’t bargain on was that it would become a dog bed!

Since having evicted Maisie off my desk in my craft room she installed herself on my pouffe. If I’m in my little room you can usually find her on the pouffe (or on her barking bench hammock)

Handmade knitted pouffe ~

What you need :

  • Pair of really large knitting needles, I used 000
  • 12 + balls of DK wool, depending how big you need it.
  • Stuffing, I used a superking duvet

I knitted this with cheap wool from the pound shop. At £1 a ball I felt it was worth the experiment of trying to make the pouffe. If I had got fed up of knitting and cast it aside (I have so many projects on the go like this) I wouldn’t have lost too much. I actually really enjoyed doing this in the evening when watching T.V and it knitted up much quicker than I thought.


I knitted with two balls of wool at the same time. It made it that much thicker and it meant I could have the marble effect that I was after.

I cast on 42 stitches and knitted in garter stitch for 50″ (127cm)

Then cast off.

You should have a long oblong shape now, a bit like a scarf. Fold in half matching the two short ends and sew these together with wool.

You now have a circle. Thread a long double length of wool and do a running stitch all around one of the edges of your circle.

Pull up as tight as you can and oversew to make sure it is tightly sewn and won’t spring undone when you fill it.

You should now have a big woollen dish shape. Then you have to decide at this point if you are likely to want to wash it in the future. If so, you do not want to do the same as the base, you need to have a long length of strong ribbon or similar that can be tied in a bow and can be easily untied.

Thread this through in exactly the same way as before in a running stitch all around the edge. Do not pull it together yet.

Scrunch up your duvet in a ball and drop it into the woollen bowl. I used my old summer duvet (obviously I washed it first). You won’t fit it all in yet but start to pull the ribbon or whatever you have used together. Pull a little at a time, feeding the duvet into the ever decreasing smaller hole. Really stuff it in because it will relax after a while. Pushing and forcing it in until you have managed to get it all in and then draw the ribbon together as tight as you can.

Pick it up and shape it round in your arms and then stand back and admire your new designer look Pouffe!

handmade knitted pouffe~  handmade knitted pouffe~  p3handmade knitted pouffe~  handmade knitted pouffe~



  1. Can you make me one please 😊

    • 😀…..I would have done once but since I have got the shop I don’t have much time for anything! Not that I’m complaining it’s the best job in the world to me 😉

  2. wow I love it , am currently making a blanket but this is next on my list

  3. Pound shop here I come always wanted one but found them too expensive thank you so much.

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