Coffee table replacement

Although my lounge is a fair size,  I have two three seaters settees and one two seater sofa besides various other furniture in it and have no room for a coffee table!   So I always struggle where to put coffee cups when we have visitors.

My wonderful husband solved this problem by making a  ‘shelf’  that slots behind one of the settees.  It’s brilliant, it hardly takes up any room and it’s incredibly useful.
This is how he made it:

Firstly he is like me, in that he never throws anything away in case it may be useful one day! So after foraging around in the garage he found some wood off an old bed base that was perfect for the job.

He constructed a frame that was the right height and length for our settee and screwed another piece across to brace it. He then cut out some wood from the bottom where the skirting boards are allowing it to be flush with the wall. We then thought that when cups were placed on the shelf they might mark the wallpaper so he tacked a plastic strip of bath sealant on the back (this will then stop the cups actually touching the wall) before  placing it behind the settee ‘voilà ‘ job done!
A simple little thing like that has made such an amazing difference! No more cups placed on the floor for my two little poochons to lap up! And we always know where the T.V controls are now. And it’s only taken 10 cms off the width of the room.

All I want now is another one for the other large settee!

homemade sofa shelf -

Cut the wood to size to suit your sofa

homemade sofa shelf -

Screw together firmly with a bracing piece

homemade sofa shelf -

Cut out for the skirting board

homemade sofa shelf -

Tack on bath seal strip

homemade sofa shelf -

Position the shelf in place

homemade sofa shelf -

Push the settee against it

homemade sofa shelf -

It takes just 10cm off the room

homemade sofa shelf -



  1. Clever and useful!

  2. Clever idea! I put my drink near my feet at friends’ houses and at home I put it on the arm of the sofa. A shelf would be handy when there isn’t a table.

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