Gift tags / Labels

Hand made scrappy gift tags


This is such a simple but really effective project that I had to share it with you.  It just adds a little personal touch to a handmade item or you could use it as a Christmas gift tag or for all occasions.

Firstly, designs the tags / labels.  I used Microsoft publisher but there are loads of programmes on line.

When you have decided on a design, print it out on to card, I use 180gm. Heavier card is fine but don’t be tempted to use anything lighter as it will be too flimsy.

Put a small amount of clear tape where your going to punch your hole and using one side of a hole punch, make your  hole. This is a bit tricky, I’m sure there will be easier ways but I haven’t found any yet.

Then collect your tiniest bits of scraps and just snip them into shape (nearly all of mine were the right shape anyway!

Then lay them where you want your bunting to be and sew (machine is best) one line making sure you get every flag.

That’s it, that’s all there is to it,  you get a lovely a lovely unique gift tag and you use up some scrappy bits too.


Handmade tags -

Design & print tags

Handmade tags -

clear tape, punch hole

Handmade tags -

Cut scraps to shape

Handmade tags -

Sew in place

Handmade tags -

Job done! Admire your work

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