Butterfly heart


My butterfly heart was made from scraps of fabric that some people would think are too small to do anything with!

I have in the past googled for ideas of what I could possibly make with my itsy bitsy pieces but when I looked at tutorials or YouTube I found that what most people called ‘scraps’ were proper fabric off cuts that you could actually sew together and make a bag!

So anyway I had my own ideas in the end and this butterfly took shape.

I have a double plastic bin that my best friend and neighbour gave me and it’s perfect for all the tiny bits of fabric. One side has literally threads of fabric ( I have already started a project with these that I’m really looking forward to sharing very soon ) and the other has my scraps.

l grabbed a couple of handfuls and spread them out on my desk wondering what I could transform them into when one red piece of fabric with white spots was sat there in the middle of my desk shaped like butterfly! So that was it! The beginning !

I had an old canvas picture that no longer wanted.  I always seem to have stuff like this saved for up-cycling. Anyway I cut a piece of plain cream cotton fabric from a stash that I already had in my stock and I got my fabric glue and stuck my red spotted butterfly on it.

Then I gathered loads of the scraps and snipped bits off into vague butterfly shapes.

I didn’t know I was going to make it into a heart shape, it just happened by itself!

I kept on sticking my butterfly shapes at random ( so I thought) on the fabric and then I draped it over the sofa and stood back to look.( It wasn’t yet fastened to the canvas.) and it was virtually  a heart shape!  I added a few more just to define it a little and there it was born.

I ironed it from the back, then made sure no glue was oozing through before ironing the front too.

Then looking at it again, I had the brainwave of using some of my many thousands of beads to make the bodies!

This was another one of those projects that you could curl up on the sofa and watch T.V while putting the beaded bodies on.

It did take several nights to complete though, but I think it looks lovely and was worth the extra effort!

Then I stretched over the unwanted canvas and stapled it around the frame.

Now it hangs priudly over my bed and I love it! And it cost hardly anything to make.

Handmade butterfly heart - www.deanysdesigns.co.uk Handmade butterfly heart - www.deanysdesigns.co.uk Handmade butterfly heart - www.deanysdesigns.co.uk

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